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veterinary strength Medications

Aqua-Vet #1 Argulus Treatment
Aqua-Vet #3 Gill Maggot Treatment
Aqua-Vet #2 Anchorworm Treatment
Aqua-VET #4 Skin Fluke Treatment

Aqua-vet training program "TRADE ONLY"

Cloverleaf is proud to be one of the First Aquatic Medication Manufacture to offer its trade customers the opportunity to take part in our Aqua-VET fish pathology training program.

Becoming coming trained to a high level in using our products, resulting in the ability to accurately diagnose parasitic infections and other aquatic diseases.

empowering aquatic stores to offer their customers the opportunity to have their fish undergoing an in-depth microscope examination for possible parasites and other diseases.

Aqua-Vet #5 Gill Fluke Treatment
Aqua-Vet #7 Intestinal Worm Treatment
Aqua-Vet #6 Trichodina Treatment
Aqua-VET #8 Costia
Aqua-Vet #9 Chilodonella Treatment
Aqua-Vet #11 Roundworm Treatment
Aqua-Vet #10 Whitespot Treatment
Aqua-VET #12 Bacterial Treatment

Parasite Identification

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