Absolute Aqua-VET+
#10 WHITESPOT Medication

White spots on the body, fins, and gills of koi, which tend to appear as a primary symptom in a range of different diseases.

We can’t think of another symptom that confuses more fishkeepers in the hobby, as not only are the white spot diseases visually similar, they are often accompanied by similar sub-symptoms, such as loss of appetite and dulling of the colour.

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Absolute Aqua-VET+

Ichthyophthirius Multifiliis,

This video is showing a skin scrape that was taken for a koi showing signs of whitespot disease it was behaving very lethargically with its fins clamped and just bobbing around. On investigation, we found that the fish suffering from a very heavy protozoa Infestation, of a parasite called WHITESPOT  (Ichthyophthirius Multifiliis)

This Medication will not harm pond plants or wildlife.

keep filters running to ensure plenty of oxygen.

We're always happy to help answer any questions or concerns.

How To Use:

Absolute Aqua-Vet Whitespot+
Is effective against a wide range of water-borne bacteria and parasites.

Absolute Aqua-Vet Whitespot+ can be used at low Water temperatures when the fishes immune systems are liable to be very slow.

Caution: test your pH & KH prior to using this treatment as it can be very toxic when used in soft water.

If the pH of the water is below 7.0 (acid) & has a GH below 6˚dh (soft) reduce dosage by 75%.

Recommended Dosage:

Turn off Ultraviolet sterilisers add on days 1,2 & 3 shake bag to de-compact medication before measuring.

Add 10g per 100gal (454L) water.
Add the correct amount to a watering can with 2L clean water and spread evenly across the surface of the water.
Note this medication can affect the nitrification cycle so be sure to carry out regular water tests.

Safe to turn Ultraviolet sterilisers back on day 5

When using with river type species such as Orfe, Rudd & Sturgeon ensure extra oxygen is provided. Always wear protective gloves when handling chemicals.

Do Not Overdose or use any other treatments for 7 days after use.

50g pack Treats 500 gallon (2,270L)

Item Code: AV/W50

BARCODE: 5060073578719

100g pack Treats 1000 gallon (4,540L)

Item Code: AV/W100

BARCODE: 5060073578726

200g pack Treats 2000 gallon (9,080L)

Item Code: AV/W200

BARCODE: 5060073578733